A power control unit is connected to the power supply of the stove. The battery-operated sensor is easy and quick to install using a self-adhesive patch on a wall or underside of an extractor hood.

The stove guard automatically detects the location of the sensors and the stove type, and it is immediately ready for use after installation thanks to its reliable and tested wireless connection.

The stove guard operates discreetly: only Safera stove guards are based on an intelligent four-sensor system, thanks to which Safera quickly stops any hazardous situations without interfering with everyday cooking. An alarm can be acknowledged by pushing a button.

You can choose the sensor colour from different colour options, and in addition to that, you can change the hue to match your kitchen’s colours. Also suitable for kitchen islands.

Meets the requirements of the European stove guard standard EN 50615.

You can further improve the safety and comfort of your kitchen with accessories.

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