Forgot to turn off the kitchen hood? It may cost you €1 per hour!

When the outdoor temperature drops to zero and below, heating your home is probably the biggest cost in your electricity bill. Especially with the current prices – and gone are the days when electricity felt almost free.

You have probably heard the advice on how to decrease the cost, for example by lowering the indoor temperature a degree or two. By all means that is recommendable, but what if you could reduce the energy bill without affecting the comfort of living at all?

How to reduce your energy bill without decreasing comfort of living?

Here’s the thing: heating your home will cost even more, if you first heat up your home and then blow the heated air outside unnecessarily and then heat the incoming cold outdoor air again – this will happen if for example you forget to turn off kitchen hood ventilation after cooking.

And this simple mishap can cost you up to 1 € per hour!

The cost is based on the following conditions: the outdoor temperature is 0° Celsius, you like to keep your indoor air at 20° Celsius, your kitchen hood ventilates at the usual air flow of 350 m3/h and the cost of electricity is 40 c/kWh.*

But should you then stop ventilating completely?

Stopping kitchen ventilation completely would save you some money in the short term, but there’s a big but: ventilating your kitchen is very important while cooking for health reasons.

Cooking creates a lot of fine particles, called PM2.5, which have serious implications to your health in short and long terms. WHO has defined the fine particles as one of the main health risks globally.

Cooking also releases humidity and organic gasses, called tVOC, which decreases the indoor air quality affecting the comfort of living and possibly your health too. Bad indoor air can also cause damage to the structures of your home leading to costly repairs.

So what you need is a solution which both ensures that the indoor air is healthy and eliminates the possibility of ventilating when it’s not needed.

The solution is all automatic cooking ventilation

To ensure healthy indoor air while cooking and prevent unnecessary ventilation is exactly what the new Røroshetta SENSE kitchen hood does: the all automatic hood measures air quality in real-time and controls the ventilation based on the actual need.

Røroshetta SENSE kitchen hood is powered by Safera’s Sense Integral technology.

With Røroshetta SENSE you’ll never forget to start or stop ventilating again – and you’ll stop blowing your money into the air by accident.

The RørosHetta SENSE also features state-of-the-art brushless motors that consume up to 70% less energy than conventional electric motors. It is also one of the most silent hoods in the world running at only 53 dBA at maxi-mum normal extraction.

The RørosHetta SENSE hoods bring further comfort to the kitchen by automating the hood lights too, so you can completely focus on cooking instead of controlling your kitchen hood.

The built-in safety technology alerts users when-ever it senses a fire risk, whether it’s a hob forgotten on at a low heat or drastic overheating. The SENSE-technology cuts off the power to the cooker, sends an alert to the app to notify the user, sounds an alarm on the hood itself, as well as sending an email notification to selected emergency contacts.


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Safera Integral – Automatic kitchen hood with air quality monitoring

* Savings (€) = Air specific heat capacity (kJ / K * Kg) x air density (kg / m3) x 0.000278 kWh/kJ x air volume (m3 / h) x temperature (C) x electricity price (€ / kWh)

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