Safera had become the leader in cooking fire prevention with its’ advanced stove guard designed to stop cooking hazards before the fire occurs. The company’s strong focus on research and development and its’ proprietary sensor technology enabled Safera to vision beyond the safety aspect of cooking and to take a leap into smart cooking too. Now they are launching the first complete smart cooking sensor with the help of smart chef community.

Safera was founded back in 2007, when an insurance company asked a group of Aalto University graduates to come up with a solution to reduce stove related housefires. In most countries, including Safera’s native Finland, cooking is the number one cause of home fires –causing roughly 50% of them.

Stove Guard salesmen Mikko Reinikainen at the fair with a distributor Savo.


Safera’s team first came up with an automated stovetop suppression system. Like all other fire alarms and extinguishing systems, the product took action only afterthe cooking fire had already started. Although the team had great fun testing and developing the product – who wouldn’t like to first burn stuff and then suppress it! – they quickly realized that it would be better tocome up with a solution that would prevent the fire before it had the chance to ignite.

Shortly after, the first generation of the automated stove guard was born. It immediately started to gain traction in Nordic Countries and now when the safety technology has reached its 10thgeneration, Safera stove guards are already making more than 200,000 homes safer. The two-part device has a sensor unit that monitors the stove area and it is connected to a power control unit that will shut down the power supply if necessary. Thus, preventing a potential cooking fire.

Creating the early prototypes of the stove guard

A lot more than just a stove guard

Safera’s technology is based on comprehensive research and development and proprietary sensor and algorithm design. Through years of testing in Safera’s research laboratory and collecting real-life cooking data, the company had built an extensive database of human behavior in the kitchen. Although the focus had been tightly in cooking safety, the team realized that they had created technology that understands morethan just the safety aspect of cooking.

Mikko Reinikainen presenting the first integrated Safera Stove Guard in a Fire Safety Exhibition


The Safera founders decided to turn to their customers to ask how they would prefer to make their cooking experience not only safer but also smarter. Three areas rose above others:

  • Technology that would help optimize cooking routines,
  • Technology that would ensure good air quality while cooking
  • Technology that would prevent customers from worrying if the stove has been left on.

Based on the response, Safera was able focus on these three main areas and create Safera Sense, the first complete smart cooking sensor. This smart home compatible device accompanied with Safera mobile app helps to manage cooking time, measure air quality and prevent cooking fires more effectively.