Is Your Cooking Missing Something?

Are you looking for ways to streamline your cooking routinesDo you need a more comforting sense of security in your kitchenIf so, then this smart cooking device will be of interest to you. The Finnish company Safera is releasing a new device that makes your cooktop significantly smarter. It will also allow you to connect your stove to a smart home ecosystem.

Safera’s Complete Smart Cooking Sensor

Safera Sense is a small device that gives super senses to your stove. Do not be fooled by the size (equivalent to a card deck), this device has over 20 sensors! These sensors automatically measure stove temperature, activities, and air quality. In addition, all the recorded data is sent to your mobile device.

Not only does the Safera Sense optimize your kitchen operations it also creates a safe cooking environment, while improving the air quality within the household. With the Safera Sense, you can focus on cooking, while we focus on the things around it.


Optimal Cooking with the Safera App

The second you start cooking, Safera Sense creates a cooking timeline in the Safera App. It recognizes various cooking events and sets up automatic timers for each of them. For example, if you don’t remember how long you have been cooking your pasta for, simply check the app and scroll back to past events. 

Safety as a Priority

Caution should always be used when cooking. However, it is not always possible to give your full attention to the stove. In fact, many times your attention is needed elsewhere for a short time. This is perfectly fine if you have Safera Sense. If the stove is on and you are not standing next to it, Safera Sense works as an intelligent Stove Guard. It can immediately recognize the temperature if it rises to a dangerously high level. If this does happen, it will give you an alarm signal and automatically shut down the power supply before your oil bursts into flames.

Safera Sense prevents all stove related cooking fires. The smart sensors do not interfere with everyday cooking, and recognize when a person is there. This revolutionary sensor technology is based on extensive data of human behavior in the kitchen.

Breathe Easy

Cooking may increase air pollution. The house can possibly be stale after hours of cooking. Safera Sense tells you when you it is time to ventilate the house. The app gives you live diagnostics of house temperature, humidity and air quality. In turn, this notifies the user as to when to increase stove ventilation, or even open a window. This function becomes especially handy during dry seasons. With Safera Sense, you definitely know if you should use a humidifier – even in rooms other than the kitchen.

Convenience in Connectivity

In the case that you have a smart home ecosystem in your house, you can now connect your stove to it. Safera Sense enables you to control the stove using voice commands. If you are taking something out of the oven and have no free hands to turn the temperature down, you can simply use your voice.