We sense what humans don't

We create safe environments for people by developing sensor technology that senses what humans don’t.

Building a better quality of life

Safe and functional environments in homes and workplaces – this has been our guiding principle for over fifteen years, as we have developed award-winning sensor technology that meets even the most demanding quality standards.

We create smart environments for living and working. Spaces that are capable of sensing things that humans cannot.

This promise is the basis of, for example, our popular stove guard, which improves kitchen safety by constantly monitoring the situation, without compromising on comfort.

A discreet part of smooth everyday life

The brave new future of living and working is already here. Modern spaces produce a lot of data. By understanding and using it, we can make people’s quality of life better.

However, sensors alone are not enough, you need know-how to transform the information into the right conclusions.

The best products do not make a fuss, but become an unnoticeable part of smooth everyday life, preventing problems and dangerous situations before they even arise.

We are an agile team of experts in sensor technology and passionate about the quality of our products – and we are truly proud of it.

Now and in the future, we do product development with partners who share our values and want to create the world’s smartest products that improve people’s quality of life.

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