Safera Sense Pro

The only smart cooking sensor that assists in cooking, monitors air quality and prevents cooking fires.

Safera Sense Pro reduces the safety risks of home cooking

Home cooking is good for your health and getting more and more popular. But did you know that there are also risks related to cooking we rarely think of?

Read more and see why Safera Sense Pro is the smartest way to reduces those risks.

A cooking fire can happen to anyone, but elderly people are especially at risk. A stove guard is an effective way to prevent cooking fires.

Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires

Roughly 1/3 of all home fires are caused by careless cooking. According to NFPA, in US alone close to 500 cooking fires happen every day causing an immediate safety risk at home. This is similar to most of the countries.

Cooking is one of the main sources of fine particles

The fine particles PM2.5 are causing serious long-term health risks. WHO recommends to keep the average level of PM2.5 below 10 μg/m3. After high temperature frying the level can increase to 200 μg/m3 for hours.

Meet Safera Sense

The only smart cooking sensor that reduces both short and long term risks of cooking.

Safera Sense is the only stove guard that prevents cooking fires and helps to maintain better air quality at home - and even helps you to manage timers and pan temperatures easier

Become a Smart Chef

Safera Sense helps you to cook smarter and safer by monitoring your stove and guiding you with cooking notifications. Place the Safera Sense above your cooktop and connect it with the Safera App.

You’ll able to reduce fire risk, maintain better air quality while cooking and control the cooking times and temperatures easier.

Key benefits

Safera mobile app provides an easy way to monitor cooking safety - even if you are not home

Cooking Safety

Is your attention needed elsewhere? That’s ok, we’ll cover you.

When the stove is on and you are not standing next to it, Safera Sense is your intelligent stove guard. It will sound an alarm if it recognises a possible fire risk. When upgraded with a Safera Power Control Unit, Safera Sense also shuts down the power supply to the stove to prevent a fire.

With Safera Sense Pro you are able to monitor indoor air quality

Air Quality​

Do you know the air quality of your home? We’ll tell you when it’s time to ventilate.

Cooking increases indoor air pollution and it is one of the main sources of the harmful small particles at home. Safera Sense gives you live diagnostics of PM2.5, TVOC, eCO2, temperature and humidity so you learn how your cooking affects the air quality and when you should ventilate your home.

Cooker hoods with Home Connect can be also controlled by Safera Sense automatically. 

Become a smart chef with Safera mobile app for Sense stove guard

Smart Cooking

Forgot to set a timer? No worries, it’s already running.

Safera Sense recognises various cooking events and sets up automatic timers. If you don’t know how long you have cooked your pasta, just simply check the app for past events. Safera Sense also estimates pan temperatures, so you will know when your pan is perfectly preheated for frying.

Automate your cooker hood – Works with Home Connect

Safera Sense Pro maintains fresh and healthy indoor air by controlling your Home Connect compatible cooker hood based on cooking activity and realtime monitoring of PM2.5, TVOC, eCO2, humidity and temperature. Safera Sense Pro also controls the cooker hood lighting based on your cooking.

Connect Sense Pro with your other online services with API

Set up API in Safera Cloud and you will get alarms and notifications to your other online services or home automation systems in real-time. Safera Sense will also send user and device information and a daily data package including air quality measurements from past 24 hours via API. For further information, see API settings in Safera Cloud.

Advanced cooking safety – prevent cooking fires before they start

Safera Sense is an advanced cooking safety and kitchen fire prevention device that stops fires on the stove before they even start.

Safera uses a unique patented temperature measurement technique to accurately measure the temperature of pans on a cooktop.

Safera Sense meets the requirements of the European standard EN 50615 for residential cooking fire prevention.

How Safera Sense Pro works?

Safera monitors:
  • Temperature
  • Power consumption
  • Human presence
Safera prevents cooking fires:
  • No activity is required from the user
  • The alarm is triggered only in hazardous situations
  • With the optional Power Control Unit, the stove is automatically shut off in case of fire hazard
  • Does not interfere with everyday cooking


Compliant to EN 50615 Meets the requirements of the European stove guard standard EN 50615 for cooking fire prevention when connected with an optional Power Control Unit.

Compatibility Compatible with typical electric and gas stoves. Select the suitable unit based on the power supply and stove type, see comparison here.

Safera App Download the free Safera App.

Air Quality monitoring Measures all the main cooking related air pollutants: PM2.5, TVOC, eCO2, humidity and temperature.

Smart Cooking Assistance Smart A.I. recognises and records cooking events to a visual timeline.

Revolutionary sensor technology Hybrid Sensor System monitors cooking with more than 10 sensors.

Firmware over-the-air updates Updates are available over- the-air via the Safera App.

Compact size sensor unit The multi-sensor system has been compressed into a compact size sensor unit making it easy to retrofit to existing kitchen environments or to integrate it into home appliances.

High memory capacity Memory drive stores thousands of cooking events.

Data protection Strong hardware-assisted encryption protects the cooking data.

Personal data and privacy If the user allows it, the cooking data can be stored in the Safera cloud.