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Safera offers a wide variety of stove guards for remote monitoring and local fire prevention. All Safera Stove Guards comply with EN 50615.

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Safera Sense stove guard on the wall

Safera Sense BT

The Safera Sense BT stove guard is mounted on a wall or on the bottom surface of the extractor hood. With the Safera App you make sure that your stove guard is installed perfectly in your kitchen.

Safera Sense stove guard on the wall

Safera Sense Wi-Fi

A stove guard that helps you to look after your loved ones even remotely. Safera Sense Wi-Fi sends a text message alarm to your phone. Mounted on a wall or on the bottom surface of the extractor hood.

Wi-Fi logo
Morning coffee can be more relaxed when a stove guard is monitoring your stove

Safera Aurora

Safera Aurora stove guard for ceiling mounting is a reliable solution for a modern open plan kitchen.
Integrated stove guard is a discreet and stylish way to improve cooking safety

Safera Siro

Safera Siro is a stylish and discreet stove guard available pre-installed in the extractor hood or canopy of your choice.

Buy the smartest stove guard on the market​

Smart Cooking

Safera Sense Integral

Safera Sense Integral is a modular and integrated control system designed for smart and connected cooker hoods. Sense Integral includes all the essential technology to take your cooker hood portfolio to the future of smart home appliances today. 

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Stove guard comparison

See why Safera is the most effective way to prevent cooking fires.

Fire blanket, extinguisher︎

Stove timer︎

Induction hob

Traditional stove guards


Meets the EU standard EN 50615 for cooking fire prevention.


Prevents hazardous situations by turning the stove off before the fire.
Prevents cooking fires when user is absent.
Suitable for all user groups, does not require learning new things.
Does not interfere with cooking.
Recognises different cooking situations.
Anticipates hazardous situations.

1) Ask third-party granted certificate from the manufacturer

How Safera stove guard works?

Safera monitors:

  • Stove temperature
  • Power consumption
  • Human presence
  • Air quality (temperature, humidity)

Safera prevents cooking fires and helps to maintain good air quality:

  • No activity is required from the user
  • The alarm is triggered only in hazardous situations
  • If necessary the stove is automatically shut off in case of fire hazard
  • Does not interfere with everyday cooking
How Safera stove guard works? The sensor unit is monitoring the stove and the power control unit will cut off the cooker power if needed

Accessories for additional safety

Safera stove guards have several accessories to further improve kitchen safety


There is an extensive range of accessories for Safera stove guards for improving safety further and preventing all typical kitchen accidents.