Safera Sense BT

The Safera Sense BT stove guard is mounted on a wall or on the bottom surface of the extractor hood. With the Safera App you make sure that your stove guard is installed perfectly in your kitchen.

The Safera App makes installation easy

With Safera Sense BT stove guard you can use your own stove as usual – but much safer. Sense will turn off the stove for you, should you forget to leave it on or if it overheats.

Sense is mounted on a wall or on the bottom surface of the extractor hood. Sense meets the requirements of the European stove guard standard EN 50615 in all mounting locations.

Sense ’s default installation settings are suitable for most kitchens out-of-the box. You can also download the free Safera App mobile application that guides you step by step through the installation process.

Select quick installation or use the guided installation

Safera Sense can be installed in your own, familiar stove. The stove guard comes with two parts: the sensor unit, which monitors the status of the stove, and the power control unit, which controls the supply of power to the stove. The units communicate with each other wirelessly.

There are two installation methods:

Quick installation: Sense’s default settings are suitable for most kitchens as is. Connect the power control unit to the stove and use the adhesive sticker to mount the sensor on the wall or on the bottom surface of the extractor hood, and you’re done!

Installation wizard: Download the free mobile Safera App and follow the installation guide from start to finish. The app helps you ensure that your stove guard is installed perfectly for your stove and kitchen.

How Safera stove guard works?

Safera monitors:
  • Temperature
  • Power consumption
  • Human presence
Safera prevents cooking fires:
  • No activity is required from the user
  • The alarm is triggered only in hazardous situations
  • If necessary the stove is automatically shut off in case of fire hazard
  • Does not interfere with everyday cooking


The most effective way of preventing kitchen fires. Safera Sense senses danger before it’s too late. Safera Sense can sound an alarm and disconnect the power from the stove before a cooking fire breaks out. Sense meets the requirements of the European stove guard standard EN 50615.

The smartest stove guard on the market. The Safera stove guard is the only solution that prevents cooking fires effectively but does not interfere with the cooking itself. Safera contains advanced artificial intelligence that creates a digital model of the usage patterns of the stove based on the uniquely precise data provided by the sensor. This means Safera can understand – and also predict – what will happen on the stove.

Easiest and fastest to install. A battery-operated sensor unit with a two-year battery life. Pre-paired wireless two-way connection between the sensor unit and the power control unit (2.4 GHz). Identifies the type of stove and location of the sensor automatically.

Advanced self-diagnostics Safera Sense continuously monitors its condition. If the sensor unit is disabled, its batteries are not replaced in time or if the self-diagnostics feature notices other shortcomings that affect the safety of the stove, Safera Sense cuts off the power to the stove.

Easy to use. Safety is completely automated and the stove guard does not require any actions from the user. Alarm messages can be handled simply with a push of a button. The unique multicolour LED display clearly indicates the status of the stove guard.

Widely compatible. Compatible with most household electric stoves (induction, ceramic, cast iron) and with 1- and 3-phase power input. Select the suitable unit based on the power supply and stove type, see comparison here.

Configurable. Safety can be improved even further with this accessory: Safera water leak sensor.