If your product had super senses, what could it do?

Use the world’s smartest sensor systems in your products, and create more comfortable and safer living environments for your customers.​

Collect sensor data that was previously impossible

Our sensors are designed to collect reliable data, even in highly polluted conditions where measurement has typically been challenging or even impossible.

Improve your product's automation and user experience

When your product really understands its environment – even better than a human – it can react to changes proactively and intuitively in the way the user expects.

Save energy with on demand control

Controlling devices and spaces based on real-time sensor data can save energy, extend the life-time of devices and make the environment more comfortable for us humans.
We carry out the customisation and integration of our sensor technology into your products on a turnkey basis, including the design of hardware, software and cloud services and production planning.

Application-specific sensor systems for challenging conditions

We are your full-stack sensor system partner

We design multi-sensor systems for applications that require accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness in challenging environments.

We offer everything you need for a tailored sensor system. We can combine the data from several different sensor types with application-specific signal processing, artificial intelligence, wireless data transmission and cloud service.

Our expertise covers software, electronics and mechanical design and even production planning.

We excel at low-level sensor design

Thanks to our own sensor development, we can implement application-specific sensor systems that measure exactly what you need.

We are specialised in measuring air quality (e.g. PM2.5, tVOC), surface temperatures (multi-wavelength IR) and their combinations.

We use our own development tools for multi-sensor algorithm design

Our proprietary development tools speed up the design of the multi-sensor systems and enable controlled improvements during the whole product life-time.

By combining the data from different types of sensors, your product can reach more reliable conclusions and control devices and facilities smarter than before.

Let's develop your next breakthrough product together


Contact us and we will map out your needs without commitment.


We implement a customised prototype for you to validate our technology.


We assist in the validation project so that you get the answers to the questions that are important to you.


If the validation is successful, we can start negotiations on commercial cooperation.

Contact us and we will map out your needs without commitment!

Our sensor systems improve people's safety and comfort already in more than 300,000 homes

The next generation of intuitive kitchen hoods is already here

Smart technology prevents fires without compromising on living comfort

Our multi-wavelength sensor system solves the demanding IR measurement problem