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Safera stove guard – The smartest way to improve cooking safety

Stove guard reduces the safety risks of home cooking

Home cooking is good for your health and getting more and more popular. To some cooking is a dear hobby or a family tradition, to other it’s a necessity to live independently or just one of the daily routines.

But did you know that there are also risks related to cooking we rarely think of?

Read more and see why stove guard is the smartest way to reduces those risks.

A cooking fire can happen to anyone, but elderly people are especially at risk. A stove guard is an effective way to prevent cooking fires.

Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires

Roughly 1/3 of all home fires are caused by careless cooking. According to NFPA, in US alone close to 500 cooking fires happen every day causing an immediate safety risk at home. This is similar to most of the countries.

Cooking is one of the main sources of fine particles

The fine particles PM2.5 are causing serious long-term health risks. WHO recommends to keep the average level of PM2.5 below 10 μg/m3. After high temperature frying the level can increase to 200 μg/m3 for hours.

Meet Safera Sense stove guard

The only stove guard that reduces both short and long term risks of cooking.
Safera Sense is the only stove guard that prevents cooking fires and helps to maintain better air quality at home - and even helps you to manage timers and pan temperatures easier

Safera Sense stove guard helps you to cook safer and healthier by monitoring your stove and guiding you with cooking notifications. You’ll able to reduce fire risk and to maintain better air quality while cooking. It even helps you to control the cooking times and temperatures easier.

How Safera stove guard works?

Safera monitors:

  • Stove temperature
  • Power consumption
  • Human presence
  • Air quality (PM2.5, eCO2, humidity, TVOC)

Safera prevents cooking fires and helps to maintain good air quality:

  • No activity is required from the user
  • The alarm is triggered only in hazardous situations
  • If necessary the stove is automatically shut off in case of fire hazard
  • Does not interfere with everyday cooking
How Safera stove guard works? The sensor unit is monitoring the stove and the power control unit will cut off the cooker power if needed

Stove guard comparison

See why Safera is the most effective way to prevent cooking fires.

Fire blanket, extinguisher︎

Stove timer︎

Induction hob

Traditional stove guards


Meets the EU standard EN 50615 for cooking fire prevention.


Prevents hazardous situations by turning the stove off before the fire.
Prevents cooking fires when user is absent.
Suitable for all user groups, does not require learning new things.
Does not interfere with cooking.
Recognises different cooking situations.
Anticipates hazardous situations.

1) Ask third-party granted certificate from the manufacturer

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About us – Safera Ltd.

“Our mission is to promote safer and healthier living by developing technologies that sense what humans don’t.”

Our technology produces the world’s richest data of home cooking. With the data, we are able to prevent cooking fires, to improve air quality and to better understand people’s cooking behaviour.

As of today, hundreds of thousands of people are cooking safer because of our smart stove guards. Also, with the help of our products, insurers and property owners are able to help their customers to live safer and healthier.

The world’s richest data of home cooking

Safera monitors the cooking environment in real time by combining data from several sensor type. Unique to Safera the analysis is based on high frequency cooking data, and Safera splits every cooking moment into tiny fractions which tell a bigger story.

Safera stove guard technology produces the world’s richest data of home cooking which can be used to improve safety and better understand cooking behaviour