We sense what humans don't

You have the right to a safe, comfortable and functional environment. Our mission is to develop technology that lets you be carefree at home and in the workplace.

Our products

Safera FlowHero

Safera FlowHero demand control kitchen ventilation system (DCKV) reduces the energy consumption by up to 50% without compromising air quality.

Sense Integral

Safera Sense Integral is an integrated demand control ventilation (DCV) system for domestic kitchen hoods.

Stove guard for every home

Safera offers a wide variety of stove guards for remote monitoring and local fire prevention.

Safera Cloud

You’ll get the most out of your Safera product by connecting it to our Safera Cloud service.

Safera App

Connect your Safera Sense to the free Safera App and you’ll get an easy way to install and setup your Safera Sense product and connect it to Safera Cloud.

Technology partnership

If your product had super senses, what could it do?

Use the world’s smartest sensor systems in your products, and create more comfortable and safer living environments for your customers.​

About us – Safera Ltd.

Finnish company Safera Ltd has been the leading provider of intelligent sensor technology for home and professional kitchens since 2007. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide can focus on cooking, as our technology discreetly takes care of fire safety, air quality, and energy-efficient ventilation for them.