We sense what humans don't

We create safe environments for people by developing sensor technology that senses what humans don’t.

Our products

Demand control ventilation for kitchen hoods

Safera Sense Integral is an integrated demand control ventilation (DCV) system for smart kitchen hoods.

Stove guard for every home

Safera offers a wide variety of stove guards for remote monitoring and local fire prevention. All Safera Stove Guards comply with EN 50615.

Safera Cloud

You’ll get the most out of your Safera product by connecting it to our Safera Cloud service.

Technology partnership

If your product had super senses, what could it do?

Use the world’s smartest sensor systems in your products, and create more comfortable and safer living environments for your customers.​

About us – Safera Ltd.

“We are an agile team of experts in sensor technology and passionate about the quality of our products – and we are truly proud of it. Now and in the future, we do product development with partners who share our values and want to create the world's smartest products that improve people's quality of life.”