There is an extensive range of accessories for Safera stove guards for improving safety further and preventing all typical kitchen accidents.

Power control units

In addition to the stove guard sensor unit, a power control unit is connected to the power supply of the stove. Compatible with all Safera stove guards.

Select the suitable unit based on the power supply and stove type, see comparison here.

Water leak guard​

Prevents costs caused by water leaks by giving an alarm about water leaks in the kitchen. The four leak sensors can be placed in the most typical leak sites in a kitchen, such as under the dishwasher and drain trap.

Available for all Safera stove guards. Connected to the power control unit.

Need-based control

Improves the quality of indoor air in the kitchen by controlling the extractor based on cooking. Ensures energy-efficient ventilation as warm indoor by not exhausting warm indoor air unnecessarily. It can also reduce unnecessary fire alarms caused by cooking.

Available for Safera Siro stove guards with limitations, ask for more details.


Extinguisher enhances cooking safety further. Puts out cooking fires with effective local fire suppression. The extinguishing agent is a liquid designed for grease fires.

Available for Safera Siro stove guards, ask for more details.

Remote alarm and connection to automation systems

All Safera stove guards feature a connection to automation systems by default.

Safera stove guards can be connected to Smart Home, sheltered home or property automation systems so that real-time information about hazardous situations and use of the stove can be transmitted to those needing it. For example, at special sites, the personnel can be informed of a hazardous situation or changes in stove use behaviour. The automation system is connected with a cable directly to the power control unit, see more detailed instructions for connection and outputs.