Safera & Moveum Ab

An unparalleled combination of soft values and cutting-edge technology.

Together, Moveum’s expertise and the innovative safety thinking of Safera offer a new concept that combines soft values and advanced stove guard technology.

Spisec Addon the most popular stove guard in Sweden

As competition increases, the marketplace needs pioneers. Moveum, previously known as Athena Nordic, had monitored Safera’s progress in Sweden with great interest over several years. Performance spoke for itself, and Safera was keen to take the next step in conquering the global market. The companies opened discussions and both parties were eager to begin cooperation quickly. The partnership combines Moveum’s expertise with Safera’s leading technology.

The collaboration presented a significant opportunity to develop business operations for both parties. Safera’s and Moveum’s Spisec AddOn partner agreement has surged Moveum’s’s stove guard sales to a record high. The Safera stove guard model sold under the name Spisec AddOn in Sweden is easy to use and suitable for all homes and environments. Every sold stove guard increases the public interest in safe solutions. Spisec AddOn is currently the most popular stove guard in Sweden.

Mikko Reinikainen from Safera supported proactively and locally the company that installed the stove guards, Klingbergs Elektriska, on Aland.

Safety for health care staff and patients

In different care institutions, stove guards may be located in shared rooms and normal kitchen work may be performed together with other activities. Tight schedules, patients’ needs and other urgent matters may distract personnel from stoves, which increases the risk of fires.

According to Moveum, stove guards considerably improve the safety and sense of security of both patients and personnel.

“By investing in a stove guard, we can eliminate disastrous fires originating from stoves. Additionally, we will no longer need to pay ridiculous sums of money for burnt kitchens or homes. Filip Berglund, Sales Director

More relaxed living at home

Stove guards play an important role in Moveum’s business operations, which focus on the concept of a good life. Safety is a top priority for all residents who live at home, including those who have age-related memory trouble. Friends and family sometimes worry about an individual’s ability to cope at home unsupported. A stove guard may prove to be just the right element to eliminate excessive worry. Memory can sometimes deteriorate without us even noticing it, and even younger people may forget to switch off the stove.

Stove guards are designed to offer safety for residents of all ages. Moveum’s Sales Director Filip Berglund summarises the issue in a simple, humane manner.

“By offering the opportunity to live at home for as long as possible, we can help to eliminate the need for expensive and unnecessary care placement. Moreover, I think everyone agrees that eliminating fire hazards in your home is always a good idea.

International award-winning Safera stove guards are tried and tested top quality products that comply with all the relevant standards. The Safera collection is the most extensive on the market and includes a suitable stove guard model for every household and property. Safera is the global leading expert in stove guard safety. On Safera’s 10th anniversary, we are proud to be able to say that Safera stove guards provide protection in over 100,000 homes in the Nordic countries.

Moveum AB, the exclusive Safera stove guard retailer in Sweden, was established in 1985. Moveum develops, markets and sells products to people with special needs. Moveum specialises in improving the safety and construction of retirement homes, temporary accommodation and care institutions.

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