The stove is the number one cause for home fires.

Students and the elderly are at the highest risk.

Accident is caused by human error – not a failure of electronics

The kitchen cooktop is the leading cause for household fires. There is a very reasonable argument as to why stoves cause so many accidents. They are often left unsupervised while on, and forgotten to be turned off after cooking.

An unsupervised stove can set an object or food on fire, which can spread from the kitchen and throughout the entire apartment. Therefore, the accident is caused by human error and not a malfunction of the cooker. People who most commonly make these errors are busy students, people who suffer from memory illness, and the elderly.

Cooking fires are common in student housing

Why students and elderly people?

There is very reasonable explanation. Students have a very hectic and often stressful lifestyle. Constant hustle and stress causes students to make scatterbrained blunders – even with the most common of household chores. This becomes substantial when a stove is not turned off after cooking. Students also have a habit of having long nights out, which often end in cooking midnight snacks. Late night cooking can come to an unpleasant end if the student falls asleep and the stove is left on. The elderly, and people who suffer from memory illness might also completely forgot to turn off the stove after cooking.
How Safera stove guard works? The sensor unit is monitoring the stove and the power control unit will cut off the cooker power if needed

Stove Guard eliminates the No. 1 cause of home fires.

The most effective way to prevent cooking-related fires is to install a Safera Stove Guard. Safera Stove Guard is a two-piece device that monitors stove temperature and cuts off the cooker power before a fire ignites. Safera recognizes when cooking is done safely, and gives an alarm or shuts down the power supply if the temperature rises dangerously high – especially if the user has left the stove unsupervised.

The sensor unit of Safera Airis stove guard is discreet and stylish

Practical and invisible

Safera Stove Guard is practically invisible and won’t interfere with everyday cooking because it recognizes human presence. Safera monitors stove temperature and power consumption, and also understands the consistencies (or lack of) in human behaviour in the kitchen.

If the stove temperature is rising dangerously high, it will first give an alarm signal, and will quickly signal the the power control unit to cut the power off. The power is off before anything can catch fire.

Stove Guard makes an intelligent stove

Stove Guard is great life insurance for a student or elderly person. The installation is very fast, and the product requires no other maintenance than switching the sensor unit’s batteries, which can last up to four years.

Safera Stove Guard is compatible with most common electric stoves. The device has been designed to look simple and stylish. it is easy to use, and can fit all homes.

An electrician installing a Safera Airis stove guard under the cooker hood
A technician installing the Safera Airis stove guard.

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