IFA Global Press Conference 2019

The World Introduction of Safera Sense Smart Cooking Sensor.

IFA Berlin is the leading Consumer Electronics Exhibition in the World. It is held in September and it showcases the most important technological innovations to the general public. There are almost 2000 exhibitors in the 160 000 square meter show floor that attract around 250 000 visitors. It is the place to be for all the advanced technology companies, startups and global giants.

The IFA Organization hosts a number of events along the year preceding the actual exhibition, including the Global Press Conference (IFA GPC). This year the event was hosted in sunny southern Spain, in a town called Punta Umbria. There were more than 300 journalists and media members attending from altogether 55 countries. The list of public speakers included executives from IFA, industry experts, journalists and representatives from companies like PhilipsHisenseHaierPanasonic and Safera.

Safera's CEO Mikko Reinikainen presenting Sense stove guard at IFA2019 exhibition
Mikko Reinikainen introducing Safera Sense to the global press for the first time.

Safera’s main purpose at the event was to announce their latest smart home innovation Safera Sense – The First Complete Smart Cooking Sensor.  CEO Mikko Reinikainen took care of the power briefing while other members of the team Erkka SuvikumpuJoonas Kyllönen and Amanda Knahpe gave live demos and guided the tech journalists to the product specifics.

Safera was launching Sense stove guard at IFA2019 exhibition
Erkka Suvikumpu explaining detailed technical specifics while Joonas Kyllönen shows how using Safera Sense can be super easy and fun.

Safera Sense was able to create a huge amount of buzz as global media members took a lot of interest towards the product. The Smart Cooking Sensor was greeted with great admiration and many people were inspired to join the Safera Sense Smart Chef Community.

Here is what some of them wrote:

#IFAGPC19 – There was a lot of cooking related devices showcased at IFA GPC 19 and Safera Sense was one of the most interesting ones. – Eliane Fiolet, Ubergizmo



Claiming to give “super senses” to your stove, Safera Sense is a smart sensor unit you place above your cooker top that helps you monitor if it’s on or not. – Marcus Wong, HardwareZone




Another intriguing device on display comes from a startup. The Safera Sense is a small infrared gadget you can install above your stovetop to monitor temperature and air quality. – Paul Strauss, technabob



What Safera is doing is certainly noble and, if successful, has the opportunity to save many lives in the years to come. – Rob Stott, Dealerscope



Here is what some of the attending people posted on social media:

”My favorite find: #Safera is a tiny device that will change your kitchen experience. It will turn your normal kitchen into a smart one “ – Isa Rodriguez‏ @sisasaid Apr 26 on twitter

”Loving the video campaigns from @Safera_Oy about their stove guard sensors. They launched Sefera Sense which will tell you of you’ve left the stove on and when your pasta is aldente! #IFAGPC19 ” – Nicole Scott @Nicole_Scooter Apr 26 on twitter

” With this simple setup, you can measure air quality and heat index, keep your home safe when cooking. Cooking times can be set for you, tell you when your pan is hot enough for food etc. It’s also plug and play #IFAGPC19 ” – GadgetsBoy @GadgetsBoy Apr 26 on twitter

Safera Sense will be officially available in September after IFA 2019. All media members are advised to contact Safera’s marketing team for more product testing, production updates and interview material inquiries.

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