The safer housing company

When discussions with the residents of Finnsbacka Bostad housing company highlighted the need to increase fire safety, the company decided to install Safera stove guards in all apartments.

The Board of Directors of Finnsbacka Bostad Ab housing company decided to bring fire safety into the 21st century after discussing fire hazards with its residents.

“We discovered that the firewalls in our loft buildings, which were completed in 1976, did not cover the entire height of the apartments. However, renovating the entire structure would have been far too costly. The Board of Directors investigated the available options and felt that stove guards are a safe, sure and cost-efficient method of increasing fire safety,” says Stina Mäenpää, Chair of the Board of Directors of the housing company.

Safera stove guards were a natural choice because the housing company’s property manager was familiar with them. Moreover, the price of the purchase was so moderate that the Board of Directors was able to decide on the matter without a general meeting. The residents also welcomed stove guards, and the solution specifically enhanced the sense of safety of the senior residents.

Fire safety is a joint concern

The decision to invest in stove guards was made by the Board of Directors of the Finnsbacka Bostad housing company. However, Chair Stina Mäenpää feels that fire safety is a joint concern.

“Every housing company resident has and should have the opportunity to influence matters. In a block of flats, semi-detached house or row house, a fire presents a risk to the safety of the home and family next door, too. This is why it is wonderful to have active residents who share their concerns, needs and wishes with the board members.”

“The installation project went very well and everyone in the housing company feels we made a good investment. The installation of stove guards in the apartments has helped everyone feel more relaxed, so I would recommend the solution to any housing company that cares about fire safety.” Stina Mäenpää.

Installed in an hour

Safera’s long-term installation partner VP Sähköpalvelu Oy installed the stove guards in the Finnsbacka Bostad apartments. An experienced company operated by two men, VP Sähköpalvelu Oy performed installations in 46 apartments in accordance with the turnkey principle. According to Ville Peltoperä from VP Sähköpalvelu, the project went very well.

“From the residents’ point of view, the installation project was quick and effortless. It took approximately one hour to install a stove guard in one apartment, depending on the structure of the kitchen. As the majority of the housing company’s residents were at home at the time of the installation, the installers were also able to share information about the functions and use of the stove guard.

Detailed instructions by Safera were left in the apartments for the residents who were not at home during the installation project. However, Peltoperä feels that the Safera stove guards are so easy to use that the residents hardly need to think about them. When it is time to change the battery, the appliance notifies the user in advance.

“Most of our stove guard customers are senior citizens or, for example, people who have a memory illness. However, fire prevention is important in all age groups, from senior citizens to young adults and families with children. Anyone can forget to switch off their stove. This is why an investment in personal safety and the safety of loved ones is well worth the price.” Ville Peltoperä, VP Sähköpalvelu Oy

Additional safety for all kitchens in accordance with guidelines

According to the guidelines presented in the recently amended SFS 6000 standard on low voltage installation, every newly constructed kitchen should have a stove guard. However, the need to prevent stove-originated fires applies to old buildings, too. The Safera stove guard collection includes a suitable model for all kitchens and the wireless connection makes installation to kitchen islands easy. Moreover, all Safera stove guards have a sensor-based Safera Sense4® smart system that allows stove guards to react to dangerous situations quickly but without interfering with cooking.

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