Stove guards bring safety

Safera stove guards bring safety to the inhabitants of the Lahti foundation of housing and services for the elderly.

The Lahti Foundation of Housing and Services for the Elderly (LVAS) provides housing and services for the elderly and special groups in the Lahti region. The foundation offers housing at numerous locations that include Safera stove guards that make life safer for the inhabitants. Approximately three hundred of the foundation’s apartments currently contain a stove guard and, in the future, one will be installed in all new locations.

Acknowledging the safety risks of stoves

The Lahti Foundation of Housing and Services for the Elderly acknowledges the safety risks related to stoves in its operations. “It is very common for an inhabitant to switch the stove on for cooking purposes but then go to bed instead, leaving the stove on by itself,” says Markku Tyrväinen from LVAS, describing a typical dangerous situation in the foundation’s apartments. Previously, the foundation has utilized timers that are attached to the stoves, cutting off the power automatically after a specified time.

Safera’s Sampo Rantakokko visited Onnelanpolku a year after it opened. Maire Walden, a resident, shows him the building’s spaces.

However, security equipment based on timers only have not felt like a sufficient measure, as they only prevent some of the dangerous situations and may also make using the stove more difficult. The aim was to discover a more comprehensive way to prepare for dangerous situations while maximizing safety in the foundation’s apartments.

The Safera stove guard – a natural choice

The aim was to find one single solution to meet the different levels and types of needs of the foundation’s inhabitants. The foundation was already familiar with the Safera stove guards. When the procurement decision was being made and different manufacturers and solutions were being charted, very little comparison was needed between Safera and other brands. Tyrväinen explains that the foundation was immediately convinced of the high quality of Safera’s stove guards and their suitability for their needs: “Safera’s stove guards were a natural choice.”

Maire Walden is extremely satisfied with her apartment on Onnelanpolku. According to her, the building’s security solutions have worked without complaint.

300 Safera stove guards already installed

Approximately three hundred Safera stove guards have been installed in the housing premises of the Lahti Foundation of Housing and Service for the Elderly. According to Tyrväinen, the deployment of stove guards in the foundation’s apartments has been smooth and free of problems. “We have not had any problems with the installation, everything has progressed quickly, and the installation of the stove guards has been easy.”

Safera’s stove guards have increased the feeling of safety experienced by the inhabitants and people close to them, and the foundation has received plenty of positive feedback concerning the stove guards. “The stove guards have been well received by the inhabitants, and especially the relatives of the inhabitants have been relieved,” Tyrväinen states.

Safera’s stove guards have also helped to prevent actual dangerous situations in the foundation’s locations. “Some stove guards have gone off, performing the task assigned to them flawlessly.” Based on these positive experiences, the foundation has decided to install stove guards in all of its new locations. “The idea is to make the Safera stove guards a kind of standard in all of the foundation’s apartments,” Tyrväinen says.

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