Up to 80 percent of Aland’s private households will receive a Safera stove guard

Insurance company Ömsen installs complimentary Safera stove guards for its clients on Åland.

Finnish insurer Ålands Ömsesediga Försäkringsbolag wanted to improve the fire safety at their clients’ homes after they had noticed that cooking fires had become more common. Ömsen found Safera’s stove guards to be the optimal solution for its needs and started a five-year program to install Safera stove guards for its home insurance clients.

A rise in the number of cooking fires caught Ömsen’s attention

Robert Knahpe, head of risk management at Ömsen, tells that stove-based accidents have become more common across all age groups: “We have already noticed an increase in cooking fires and fear that these accidents will become even more common in the future. People are performing simultaneously multiple tasks, e.g. using mobile phones and tablets while using the stove and tend to leave the stove unsupervised.”

Ömsen wanted to change this undesirable trend and decided to install a stove guard for all home insurance clients.

Mikko Reinikainen from Safera supported proactively and locally the company that installed the stove guards, Klingbergs Elektriska, on Aland.

Increasing fire safety with Safera stove guards

Knahpe researched the market for stove guard solutions: “My colleagues in Sweden warmly recommended Safera’s products to me as the best stove guards on the market”. “We were delighted to find a Finnish company and after we had spoken with Safera the decision to choose Safera stove guards and Safera as a partner was clear”, Knahpe states.

A technician from Klingbergs Elektriska installing the Safera Airis stove guard.

Safera stove guards will be installed to a majority of Åland’s private households

The stove guards are installed by Aland based electricity and HVAC company Klingbergs Elektriska Ab.

Kent Klingberg, the CEO of Klingbergs Elektriska, tells that the collaboration has started excellently: “Our technicians had an appointed contact person at Safera, who directly answered to any questions our technicians had. Thus the potentially challenging situations at the very beginning of the installations were sorted out immediately. We have been very pleased with Safera’s support services.”

Robert Knahpe sees the vast installation program to have many positive implications in the long run. Up to 80 percent of Aland’s private households will receive a Safera stove guard: “As the number of all cookery fires will decrease, Ömsen’s costs will be lower and the impact on insurance fees will be positive for our clients.

Through the installation project we can also help our clients to avoid the massive stress of cooking accidents that often include both psychological traumas and financial costs as well as material damages.”

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